Tuesday, 31 May 2016

MOSQUE Relocation & Restoration - Kg. Telok Memali, Perak DE

Mosque Relocation & Restoration - Timeline & Fundraising Drive

1st UPDATE, 9th June 2016:
Account for Mosque Relocation opened +AFFIN BANK BERHAD 
Hello there En Amirul/Capital TV
Please do note that the ATSA team has gotten the dedicated Bank Account for the collection of funds for the KG Teluk Memali Mosque at Kg Gajah, Perak.  
It is Tabung Pemindahan Masjid Teluk Memali, Account No: 105280003201 at Affin Bank.

Original Story:

( Ar. Azmi, CEO of ATSA Architects - seated right )

A press conference was held in Taman Tun Dr. Ismail, Kuala Lumpur by ATSA Architects. In the PC, Ar. Azmi the CEO of ATSA Architects announced the " Kg Telok Memali Mosque Relocation and Restoration" project in Perak.

The project costs is estimated to be RM500,000 and a fund-raising initiative was also announced. It is expected that contributions will be given tax-exemptions if not for the whole amount contributed, at least partially.

 ( Kg. Telok Memali Mosque Relocation & Restoration, Project Background )

 ( Dato' Baharuddin, architect for the National Mosque of Malaysia joining the PC )

 ( Project visuals being shown and explained by Ar. Azmi)

 ( In search of the Missing 'Bedok'. Rumours has it that it was 'lost' and returned a few times )

 ( Q&A Session. All questions were answered )

The relocation of the mosque from its present site at Kg. Telok Memali to Taman Botani involves a journey of around 30 kilometres.

More pictures and information on the project can be viewed at:-

( Dato' Baharuddin, Malaysia's National Mosque Architect and The IF Media Practitioner )

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